While price was its saving grace it wasn’t the most exciting motherboard we’ve ever reviewed. With the P Platinum at least you get some space for air to get in. I don’t doubt for a second the major players like ASUS and Gigabyte will catch up, but for now, I’d buy this board in a heartbeat. You can find products similar to this one for sale below. Some other boards have these features, but none have them all. First time ever seen this:

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MSI P965 Platinum Motherboard – Great OC without huge price

With the MSI P Platinum, you must put the memory in different colour slots in order to enable dual channel memory support. Maybe the last time: Yes, you heard me right. The MSI P Platinum will run on older power supplies but older units are not designed to handle the power requirements of modern machines. Platiunm the holiday season upon us, you’ve decided to treat yourself to a new PC. It supports Quad Core processors and all the latest mod cons but we’ll put it on the test bed and if it’s worth considering as your next purchase.


The MSI Computer P Platinum motherboard is one such candidate with a healthy dose of enthusiast friendly features to match. While we were looking at high-end boards, MSI sent us their more budget orientated model, named the P Neo. Worth a shot I guess. Kanderson, You should try downloading and burning Ubuntu 7.

Some other boards have these features, but ehhernet have them all.

Or, I really dont know, is it a question of driver, or could it be a faulty mainboard? This is VERY important.

MSI P965 Platinum – motherboard – ATX – LGA775 Socket – P965 Series

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. You can boot from the CD and essentially run Ubuntu without having to install it.

I made the mistake of installing the latest, and although it is ethernft working OK, the install process failed near the finish and I had to reboot. Board Layout and Features Click to enlarge The P Platinum board has an excellent layout for the most part, the color combination is pleasing to the eyes, and it was extremely easy to install in our Cooler Master Mzi Stacker Please login or register.

The overclocking was practically non-existent. It’s been a while coming but we managed to arrange another look at an Intel P based motherboard from MSI. Get the drivers from the chip makers websites.


Yes, P Platinum ethernet Vista 32bit. Device manager nows shows the new 6. But in network devices, all I had was a modem I wonder where it came from, maybe a default installation device? Everything is explained in an easy to understand language.

P Platinum ethernet driver problems Vista 32bit

Motherboard Benchmarks – Quake 4. Kandersen, How does it turn out? I have some serious problems. Realtek HD Audio ftp: It lacked any additional features and flare.

This motherboard platinuum operate best with good internal system airflow. If it still doesn’t work, at least you know that is indeed a hardware problem and not some stupid Vista driver problem.

It simply wont work!!

Dual CoreCell dual for the two processors is the fancy name for MSI’s IC which controls things such as dynamic overclocking and voltage control, fan adjustment and temperature monitoring. Will let you all know by then.

Make sure you get the standard personal computer x86 version the bit version has startup issues.