Yeah, I tried selecting one of the color options and it was configured succesfully, but when I rebooted the colors were all jumbled up. Kro posted on June 26, Adrover posted on September 3, The DOS setup won’t do that. If you get a DOS prompt at that point then it is the cdrom.

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compact disc – Install a CD-ROM driver on MS-DOS – Super User

Not sure if it required a separate boot disk, though. Michael posted on May 13, Continuous posted on October 20, Mousy posted on September 24, If you have the supplemental disk, you can put that into the same directory too.

Josh in Nebraska posted on March 3, Thank you for your efforts in helping to preserve old software and operating systems. Am I doing something wrong? An unusually large cursor flashes on-screen.


Some computers also have a BBS Popup option or a Boot menu you can get into upon start up by pressing a key usually F And by the way, cool website. Hayden Jones posted on April 19, It looks like you’re new here.

Last edited by Azarien on Can you build a home monitoring system for the production of micro server for ma video from the home of analog cameras and IP, replacing software router, or build dom own from a USB stick wi-fi or micro sd wi-fi possible conversion to autobot html. Anonymus posted on May 3, Gary posted on March 4, Yee posted on September 17, If you’re installing Win3.

WinWorld: MS-DOS

Thank you so much!!! This will restart your computer and begin the setup program. Kyle 73 1 2 Hardware conflicts can cause symptoms like what you describe: And then mount the floppy. Can you do it yes why you want to do this who knows.


Jayne posted on December 12, Odds are, the sound card has an IDE port on it. I’m selling some stuff!

Remove disks and other media. Thanks, That worked great! I also run a similar vintage Optiplex tower with Win98, using it as a file storage machine. Has nobody noticed that the Windows 3.

Under Systemmake sure the boot order is set to: Paul posted on August 16, To the ie5 question; ie5 won’t run in windows 3.