These bios-es are completely unofficial releases. This would raise the southbridge chip away from the motherboard by several millimeters, so the heatsink would need to be modified, but this could net you a msata SSD, a sata Ultrabay, and a 3 lane pci-e connector if you want to run an external video card. I did it and after getting used to it for a while it is now more pleasant to have the same behaviour on all keyboards. The touchpads on most models of the ThinkPad T61 are capable of multi-touch features, including two-finger scrolling, with the proper touchpad driver. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Blacky Nov 12, You can find the CTRL-key on most notebooks in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.

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These bios-es are completely unofficial releases.

Jbm flashed Middleton’s before the upgrade, that went well. With 3 antenna ports and no bluetooth, it seemed to me that the best upgrade for my Intel AGN PCIe Mini Card was to find a newer Intel card that will fit in the slot with similar specs.

Lenovo’s explanation for this is due to the instability of the UltraBay controller when running at 3. Blacky Nov 26, However, when I install this drive sta my T Some boards refurbished by Lenovo contain new Genuine GPU chipswhile others appear to have the older original chips.


And in T60 PCIe lanes not connected to this connector. Sorry, but I was wrong about it being on the diagram.

for IBM ThinkPad T60 T60p T61 T61p SATA 2nd HDD Hard Drive Caddy

R61 15″ normal screen: Thanks Quick summary of what this issue is all about: Retrieved from ” https: Do you already have an account?

It is easy to check. One could use this method to add a sata ultrabay and a msata SSD. WOWI’d like to see that! I’ve not only locked myself out but now it won’t boot whatsoever due to RAM being Message 9 of And only in The limiting factor is the media transfer rate and not the interface. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

T61 + SATA3 – is it a dream? – Thinkpads Forum

Bing [Bot] and 12 guests. I don’t really need that feature since Windows’ product activation doesn’t hurt, but especially Windows 7-users without internet-connection or valid license-key may appreciate it.

Message Edited by chanseng on I think this was some experimental ib – but haven used on T61 series and become abandoned in modern 4 5 00 series. This fix removes the whitelist so you can use cards of any manufacturer.


Middleton’s BIOS – ThinkWiki

This same PCB could be used in the X61 as well. You don’t know my kind of pain, nobody does. Here is my email to the most recent responder, Greg Brewer: This modified BIOS t16 suppress a false thermal sensing error generated by the boards inability to read the Penryn CPU’s more advanced digital temp sensor.

The ones connected to ground can be easily separated from ground by cutting around the test point.

However, for the unused Sata and possibly PCI-E lanes, it would not be connected to the motherboard but instead have open szta on the side of the new PCB. However, they actually capped the maximum SATA speed to half of the advertised. It only display as generation 1.

ZaZJul 15, You can find the CTRL-key on most notebooks in the bottom left corner of the keyboard.