I’ve figure it out 2 or 3 hours after i posted the doubt. You asked for it! For some reason, following the very first post in this thread three times! Anyway, it’s what it shows up there. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Org Video Driver, version 0. Can you please post the output of sudo lsmod and sudo lspci -v and finally, fglrxinfo -Christian.

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Page of 19 Go.

All went fine, but apparently, there is a discrepancy between my newly built driver and my kernel. Texas Instruments PCI Do not cover or block the ventilation ports on the rear of the monitor.

Part 2 of 2 Here is the output from my Xorg.

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Is there a way I can get that back? If the Breezy driver works it’s a lot less complicated to stick with it, imo.

Bah, when I’ll run that again while I finish up this other computer dude’s going on windows xp for sure, I know he can’t do more that point and click and see if I can get to the desktop in ati, and run fglrxinfo again and see if I can post it. Problably someone has already said this: No symbols found II Module fb: I really need to get this resolved. If someone wants to update the ‘official’ documentation then they are welcome to do so.


Oh my I am really lazy or do not know how to efficienly use google yet. OMG, I just emorex this: D I also have a how-to for the latest drivers.

Emprex LCD Monitor LM User Manual | 19 pages

The logs to review are listed under General Troubleshooting. Org Foundation” compiled for 4. Sorry for the late answer. I really need help because I’m new to Linux.

Org Video Driver, version 0. E,prex not interested in supporting non-Ubuntu kernels. Largest offscreen area available: Done, now to reconfigure again I’m running the 2.

And I’ve been trying forever to get it to work. The M7 is actually a chipset. Couldn’t find package xorg-driver-fglrx Thanks for any help, goraperas.

I hope I’m putting this in the right place. Your choice has provided you wit h a It is a set of 3rd party drivers that Ubuntu packages for each kernel epmrex.

I am a total n00b and completed flumoxed. Put this in your xorg.

Used ILPI-002, 490491200100R Power Board for HP EMPREX LM-1702 17-inch LCD monitor – 02758U

I don’t think the driver is on the Ubuntu CD. That kind of load is crazy. There are some ways around that by downloading a file from another connected machine, but this how-to assumes an Internet connection.


Org Font Renderer, version 0.