I tried Sony Vegas and couldn’t recognize it. Anonymous Thu Oct 30 Did you get the honestech DVR software with it? S-Video capture quality is pretty good. There’s tons of them floating around eBay for real cheap.

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Your post will not be uploaded to original board. As such emlia system requirements are also a little too much for me. It’s encoder chip will do a much better job than any inexpensive cap card; so long as it has analog input. I wanted something that did hardware encoding, since a lot of cheaper cap cards rely on the PC CPU for a lot of it. It says it supports p but the fact that only the latest gen consoles are mentioned makes me think they haven’t tested much stuff through.

The objective of recording is to create lag not eliminate it. Not very good, I’d recommend an actual capture card.

They empiz take 24KHz Sega signals. It’s 3 analog signals and 2 sets of TTL synchronization pulses. They need basically i. Anonymous Sun Nov 2 Anonymous Wed Oct 29 All Posts OPs 82285. If you know what you’re doing you can get decent recordings out of a low end USB card. Though they usually only support i and above. ScubaStan Tue Oct 28 I use that because it gives me precise control over everything the driver supports.


If it was possible init’s definitely retro. It’s not hard to deinterlace, guys.

Download and install eMPIA Technology USB 28285 Device driver

I use this ez cap cable, set me back 16 bucks on amazon. There’s tons of them floating around eBay for real cheap.

To do it properly, you want a video distribution amplifier. Maybe you need to read up on video a little more. Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship.

USB x – LinuxTVWiki

Set it to exactly what your console is outputting. On the N64 for example; games that allow you to use high empua will display fine after you switch them basically lines. If you’re not recording to a VCR and capturing the playback, you’re doing it wrong. It costs a reasonable amount of money because of that whole HD thing I don’t really need.

MEDIA – eMPIA Technology – USB 28285 Device Drivers Download

Leave empty for any user name. Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts. Kids who rant in the comments section say more about themselves than the product. P tough i have been ripping some recordings i have on VHS and seems pretty ok.


Last, if you already have a DV cam, you could also use firewire input to your PC and just hook up your consoles the camera. But it was cheap and the quality was good enough that the gameplay was easy to follow, so I can’t complain. New posts first Old posts first. There’s a magic word for making these cheap, simple, poorly documented capture devices look good. I got a straight idea of what I want.