XD I love my xd’s. Understable is a term that describes a disc’s stability, its overall flight pattern, i. So now you can try out a D6 for a very reasonable price in basic plastic. I also say tursas, I love that disc. Best Distance Drivers Distance drivers are everyone’s favorite type of disc to throw.

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Innova Understable Golf Discs

Submit a new link. Best Putters Last but not least, we are going to take a look at the best disc golf putters around. That being said, knderstable players can really crank this disc in Z plastic to get bdst distance out of their throws.

This is my absolute favorite distance driver. It seems to me like their overstable brothers are getting all the praise. If the total is 1 to 5, it’s overstable with 1 being straight or just slightly overstable and 5 being extremely overstable.

Best Understable Distance Drivers 2016

The Innova Champion Mystere is a beginner friendly understable distance driver. Innova Sidewinder – Star. Power throwers can use this disc golf driver for long…. Originally Posted by Apothecary try a goldline vision or a seasoned lighter star valk. Check Out the Innova Destroyer. They are also more easy to control from the teepad.


Of you want something that can still go straight and ride a beautiful s curve, but really take it’s time to the right, may I suggest an rpm piwakawaka.

The Innova StarLite Sidewinder is a fast, beginner friendly understable distance driver with a predictable high speed turn and lots of glide. I love my Cobras.

The Innova Pro Driver Vulcan is an understable distance driver that was designed with the less powerful disc golf players in mind. It has a lot of turn making it very easy to throw and when you add in the high glide, it will fly for days. Innova Monarch – Champion.

Contact Us – Archive – Top. Best Understable Distance Drivers Don’t let the speed 14 fool you. The Innova GStar Sidewinder is a fast, beginner friendly understable distance driver with a predictable high speed turn and lots of glide. Innova Tern – GStar.

Best Understable Midrange? – Disc Golf Course Review

The straightest flyer on the market, the Discraft Stalker is a must bag. Discs with a high understabls rating are predictable even in wind and considered more overstable. I personally bag 2 z-line Stalkers. Every disc feels a little different for each, individual player. Find all posts by KingpinDiscsInc.


Plus, the Underworld name just sounds really cool. Innova Leopard3 – Star. Again, you can reverse that pattern for forehand or for left-handed throws, etc. Rather than names of animals, electronics, mystical beings, and whatnot, Prodigy simply designates a letter and a number. The Katana is less understable ….

However classified as a stable putter, this disc is a tad overstable; especially for beginners.

They work well for hyzer flips and rollers. Innova Wombat3 – Champion – Special Edition. I would recomend this disc to anyone looking at drivers.